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As we continue to distance ourselves from each other physically due to the current pandemic, know that we at Blessed Sacrament are trying to stay close to each other spiritually.


We have signed up our parish for the 40-day free trial period of, "The Catholic Faith on demand". After this period, we will be able to get it free for three years thanks to a grant Bishop Tyson was able to secure for all the parishes in the Diocese. 

Please follow the instructions below to individually sign up and enjoy book, talks, movies , audios, bible studies and documentaries. Create a new account by following the steps below.

  1. Visit

  2. click on "Sign Up"

  3. select the third option "I belong to a parish or organization"

  4. Under find your Parish or Organization type 98930 to select our parish Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and click Next.

  5. Create a New Account by typing your full name and an email address.

Parents, FORMED has a children's section and Sacrament section that can help continue your children's sacrament formation while we are not meeting for Religious Education, Youth and Confirmation. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity free of charge to all of us. 

Lenten Greeting and Blessings!