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This ministry puts you at the center of the Church's life. The celebration of the Eucharist on the Lord's Day is our most important activity. We gather on the day of the Resurrection to express our belief in eternal life. We listen to the word of God we give thanks for life and salvation. 

Extraordinary ministers have been essential to the reverent sharing of Holy Communion. especially when it is distributed under both forms to the faithful. Their ministry was born, though, because of several practical necessities. 

The service of extraordinary ministers fits into the overall structure of the Mass. Within that framework, ministers can find the spiritual heart of their service to the people of God. To perform this ministry, the extraordinary minister must be the right kind of person: a baptized Catholic in good standing with the Church.  

The minister will be a person of faith, who believes in God, follows Christ, and trusts in the Holy Spirit. The minister will have a genuine love for the Eucharist, in order to share the joy of Holy Communion with all who partake. The minister will love the Body of Christ in all its forms, and seek to serve the people of God in their times of need. 

For more information on how to become a Eucharistic Minister, Please call the office during business hours: (509) 882-1657

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